De-oiling and de-sanding cyclone skid

For a client in the oil and gas industry, Titan Projects BV has developed in close cooperation with In2sep BV a de-oiling and de-sanding skid. The purpose of the skid is to ensure that wastewater streams are free from oil and sand. This oil and sand is removed by hydrocyclones to ensure online water analysis can be executed. The online analyzer is a very sensitive device which cannot cope with oil or sand.

Branch: Olie & Gas | Dienst: Equipment Design / Project Management / Equipment Delivery / Process design | Producten: Skid / 3 cyclones| Materiaal: 1.4404 (316L) | Aantal:1 stuk | Afmetingen Skid (LxWxH): 2.500×1.000×1.750 mm | Cyclones:  ø88,9  L=1500 mm | Gewicht: 550 kg | Verbetering: Delivery of solid plug and play skid, which delivers a water stream free from oil and sand.

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