Inline mixers Titan Projects

Pressurized bodies for In-line Mixers manufactured of Titanium Gr. 2 and Stainless Steel 321

Engineering, fabrication and delivery of ten pressurized bodies which are part of complete in-line mixers used in the chemical industry. This project has been executed in close cooperation with Jongia Mixing Technology. The scope of supply consisted of five bodies manufactured in Titanium Grade 2 and five bodies manufactured in Stainless Steel 321. These bodies were manufactured with strict and specific client requirements with respect to quality assurance and procedures. For example with additional material requirements, cleanroom fabrication and TPIA inspection off all production steps and procedures. To improve corrosion resistance the Titanium welds and internals were anodised.

Branch: Chemical Industry | Dienst: Equipment design / project management /fabrication | Producten: Pressure Vessels | Materiaal: Forged Titanium Grade 2 (Hydrogen content max 0.01%) / SS 321| Aantal: 5x Titanium / 5x Stainless steel 321| Afmetingen: øbody 500 mm | Lengte: 400 mm | Design Pressure: 18 bar | Design: ASME VIII Div. 1 | Gewicht: Titanium 280 Kg / Stainless Steel 321 420kg | Verbetering: Existing design has been modified to improve manufacturability.

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